Tuition fee is $60.00 per month per class.  Tuition is due on the student’s first class of the month. 


Tuition fees are always the same each month whether there are three, four, or five classes in a month.  It is a monthly rate.  Therefore, in the case of holidays, there are no refunds, credits, or discounts.  This also means there is no extra charge for a five-week month.  If tuition is not paid by the third class of the month, students may be asked not to participate in class until the tuition along with the $25.00 late fee is paid. If tuition is not paid by the forth class of the month, all discounts will be lost and the late fee will still apply.  There will be a $20.00 charge added to your account for any check that is returned to the studio.




There is a $20.00 registration fee per student, $35.00 maximum per family.  The registration fee is due at the time of registration. 


Registration fee is due at the beginning of each dance season (in September), regardless of when student registered the previous season (i.e. if student registered in July 2018, he/she would need to register again at the beginning of the next dance season, which would be September 2019 in this example).



Drop-In Classes are offered at $15.00.  Before attending a drop-in class, students should speak with Miss Kristy to find the proper class to attend. 





In order to withdrawal from a class (without being responsible for that months tuition), you must submit a written notice, via email, 90 days in advance of the month.



Tuition Payments


Monthly tuition can be paid by:





There are no refunds or credits given if a student misses a class. Classes can be made up if there is a comparable class.