Policies & Dress Code




As a courtesy, please notify Miss Kristy if your dancer is going to be absent from class.





Although we strive for safety, on occasion, injuries occur. Parents will be notified promptly. If your child has any medical problems relevant to dance class, please inform the instructor. 





For the safety of our dancers we ask that a parent or guardian walk students into the studio, as well as be present at the end of class to pick them up promptly.  Students are to remain inside the building while waiting to be picked up.  We will not be responsible for students leaving the building.  Students should not wait longer than 15 minutes to be picked up once class has ended.





Miss Kristy will not accept disrespectful behavior.  If a student is disrespectful, they will receive a warning.  If the behavior continues, their parent(s) will be contacted.





If you have questions or concerns, please discuss them with Miss Kristy when it does not interfere with class (i.e. before/after class or via email).





Dancers should arrive five (5) minutes before class begins.





  • No gum chewing in class

  • Students should bring a water bottle into the studio for easy access during short water breaks

  • Only dance students and instructors are allowed in the studio

  • Parents are welcome to enter the studio only during the last 15 minutes of class to watch their students’ progress.




Students need to wear proper dance attire to class. Proper shoes and tights are MANDATORY for safety and the overall well-being of the student’s dance education.  Hair must be pulled back and away from the face. 


  *  Jazz Classes

        Jazz Pants, Leggings, Capri’s, Shorts, Leotard, Tights, Tank Top, T-Shirt

         Black Jazz Shoes

  *  Tap Classes:   


        Jazz Pants, Leggings, Capri’s, Shorts, Leotard, Tights, Tank Top, T-Shirt

        Black Tap Shoes

  *  Adult Classes:  Comfortable exercise/yoga attire and proper shoes

Please Note:

Booty shorts are not allowed in any class.